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We are working with dedicated cooks and restaurant owners and the Slow Food Chefs Alliance and will be bringing you listings and menu suggestions.

Pedigree pork is packed with flavour. Once you have tried pork from Traditional breeds you may never want to go back to the commercial product. “So succulent”, “tastes like pork used to taste” and “makes fantastic crackling” are just a few of the comments from customers and chefs.

Come back soon to find the best places to eat Pedigree Pork and how to get the most from your delicious pedigree pork when you cook it at home!

Pedigree Pork conservation

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Conservation Help save our native breeds

In Britain we still have more native pig breeds than any other European country.

All of these breeds are at risk of extinction. The only way to ensure a sustainable future for our native breeds is to use them which means eating them. When you buy pedigree pork you get fantastic tasting meat and you also help to guarantee the future of our unique genetic heritage of farmed livestock for generations to come.

Pedigree breeders and producers love their pigs and are dedicated to saving our native breeds but they can only keep them if you buy them. Come and be part of a fantastic conservation project.

Buy Pedigree PorkSupport your local pedigree breeders

Support your local pedigree breeders. If you don’t eat them they won’t keep them.

Do you long for Pork that has real flavour and taste? Pork that melts in your mouth? Succulent and juicy when cooked? Traditional cured bacon and handmade sausages?

We can put you in touch with small scale pig producers who still produce pork that your grandparents would remember. Dedicated pig enthusiasts who are proud to be able to offer you a very special eating experience from their small herds of pedigree pigs. Traditional Breeds such as Tamworth, Saddleback, Berkshire, Large Blacks, Middle White and Oxford Sandy & Black that reflect Britain’s rich heritage of native breeds and strong reputation for outstanding pork, bacon and sausages.

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Founded in 1884, the British Pig Association is the official breed society and maintains the Herd Books for a wide range of traditional native breeds.